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Federal Weapons Charges Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

A federal charge is something you never want to face, especially if the charge is related to weapons. Defending yourself in federal court can be a frustrating—and even terrifying—prospect. If this sounds like your situation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. 

At Eisenhauer Law, we understand. Contact our team right away to start getting the help you need. Our federal weapons charges attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, will fight for your rights and guide you through the process. As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, Phil Eisenhauer is here to help you get your life back on track. 

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Understanding Federal Weapons Crimes 

Under federal law, a firearm is any of the following: 

  1. Any weapon designed to or is readily capable of expelling a shot, bullet, or projectile;  

  1. The frame or receiver of a firearm;  

  1. Firearm silencer or muffler; or 

  1. A grenade, mine, bomb, or any other destructive device.  

The United States Code contains a wide range of weapons charges. Some of the most common of them are:  

  • Unlawful possession. A person may face unlawful possession charges when they possess a weapon without the appropriate license, they are a convicted felon, or their possession otherwise violates the law.  

  • Firearms trafficking. Firearms trafficking starts with a firearm being bought legally but the weapon is then diverted into illegal markets. When a firearm is unlawfully trafficked across state lines or national borders, the crime will most likely be prosecuted at the federal level.  

  • Violent crime. The unlawful use of a firearm while committing a federal crime will be charged in federal court.   

  • Fraud. When a person obtains a firearm through fraudulent means (e.g., obtaining a falsified weapons permit), they can face federal weapons charges.  

  • Sale of a firearm without a license. Selling firearms without a valid license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) is a crime prosecuted at the federal level.  

  • Possession or sale of illegal firearms. Some types of guns are illegal to possess and sell. These include registered firearms, machine guns, sawed-off shotguns and rifles, guns with altered or removed serial numbers, and others.  

  • Possession of a gun in a school zone. Under federal law, individuals are prohibited from possessing or discharging firearms in a school zone.  

All federal weapons charges should be taken seriously, as a conviction can change the rest of your life for the worse. If you are facing weapons charges brought by a federal prosecutor, contact Eisenhauer Law to get the detail-oriented legal guidance you need. 

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Federal vs. State Prosecutions for Gun Charges

Many people do not realize that the laws concerning weapons crimes are categorized into federal and state laws. Weapons charges can be prosecuted at a federal or state level. Federal weapons charges are imposed by federal prosecutors, while state weapons charges are imposed by the state where the defendant lives or committed the alleged offense.  

But when does a state gun charge become federal?” you might wonder. Typically, a state weapons charge becomes federal when the firearms are transported across state lines or from another country. When this happens, the defendant cannot be prosecuted at the state level. If the defendant is found guilty of a federal crime, they may be sentenced to serve time in a federal prison. When a weapons charge is prosecuted at the federal level, you could be facing penalties that threaten your freedom and future, which is why it’s important to reach out to a federal weapons charges attorney as soon as you can.  

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

All federal crimes carry harsh penalties. This is especially true when the offense involves the unlawful use, possession, manufacture, trafficking, or sale of weapons. A federal firearms conviction can carry harsh, life-altering penalties—including but not limited to fines, years behind bars, loss of certain rights, and the stigma of a criminal record. In some cases, a court may impose a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment. With so much at stake, you do not want to take chances with a public defender or an inexperienced attorney.  

You need a skilled and reputable criminal justice lawyer who can fight aggressively on your behalf. Since many procedures and rules in federal courts are different from those in state courts, you need someone with a track record of success in defending clients against federal charges. 

The attorney at Eisenhauer Law has years of experience handling complex cases in federal courts. Mr. Eisenhauer understands the serious nature of federal charges and the complexities of federal gun laws. Our federal weapons charges attorney in St. Louis, will work with you to review your options and create a defense strategy tailored to your specific situation. 

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A weapons charge on its own can be a scary experience. However, the situation becomes even more dire when federal agencies and prosecutors get involved. At Eisenhauer Law, we understand the seriousness of federal charges and the urgency of the matter. Our federal weapons charges attorney can help you put forth a compelling defense against your charges and fight for the most favorable outcome possible. Get in touch now to schedule a meeting.