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Phil Eisenhauer
Attorney at Law

Phil Eisenhauer

Phil Eisenhauer is a native Missourian, attending Desmet Jesuit High School from 1978 to 1982 and on to the University of Missouri-Columbia for his undergraduate and juris doctorate. Upon passing the bar in 1992, Mr. Eisenhauer went to work as a public defender, in both rural Missouri and in the city of St Louis, where he gained valuable experience handling cases from drug paraphernalia to Murder. It is during this time that Mr. Eisenhauer began to stand out as a trial lawyer. He excelled in pretrial planning, negotiations, and finally courtroom techniques. Due to consumer demand, Mr. Eisenhauer ventured out into private practice, quickly racking up impressive wins in both civil and criminal cases. He has a winning record that he credits more to hard work, a team mentality, and a competitive nature to prevail. He believes the trial is won before you ever enter the courtroom. His clients’ input, understanding of the process, and knowledge of possible outcomes are all very important concerns.

When you hire Eisenhauer Law, beyond experience, Mr. Eisenhauer brings a strong team to your case comprised of experts, investigators, and external researchers. His team often conducts its own investigation, which includes questioning witnesses, examining the scene, gathering and combing through the evidence to understand the situation, obtaining expert witness testimony when necessary, and making sure the jury hears your side of the story.

Hiring a lawyer is a critical decision that can affect your life in profound ways. Don’t be found guilty of hiring the wrong lawyer. Hire Eisenhauer Law.

I will advocate for your best interests and your future.


  • The University of Missouri School of Law, JD

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