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Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri

When facing federal criminal charges, choosing the right attorney can make the difference between going to prison and walking free. From the moment you get arrested for a federal offense, the prosecution begins building its case against you. In this situation, you might feel hopeless knowing that you are up against the federal government. “There is no way I can win,” you might think in despair. With a strong and results-driven attorney like Phil Eisenhauer, possibilities are endless.  

Our federal criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, understands the intricacies and complexities of the federal court process and can advise you on how to proceed with your case. At Eisenhauer Law, we are committed to providing aggressive and compassionate representation to people prosecuted at a federal level in St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County. 

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Understanding Federal Crimes

While most crimes committed in Missouri will be charged in state courts, some crimes are investigated and prosecuted at the federal level. A crime is likely to be prosecuted by federal authorities when any of the following is true: 

  • The crime crossed state lines. Some examples of crimes that may cross state lines include drug trafficking and drug distribution, kidnapping, and mail fraud.  

  • The crime occurred on federal property. Crimes that occur on federal property, such as a federal government building, are typically handled by federal authorities.  

  • The crime targeted the government. If the government was the target of the crime, the crime is likely to be prosecuted in federal court. Some examples of crimes against the government include theft of government funds, crimes involving national security, hacking government systems, treason, and others.  

  • The crime is an act of terrorism. When a person engages in terrorist behavior, their case is likely to be handled by the federal government. Acts of terrorism include assassinations, hijacking a plane, kidnappings, and others.  

  • The crime includes the deliberate cause of harm. When the defendant has intent to cause harm to others, they may face federal charges due to the severity of the crime. In addition, criminal offenses committed against federal officials are typically prosecuted at a federal level.  

  • The crime includes aggravating factors. Aggravating factors apply when the circumstances of the crime make it more severe than the general definition of the crime. What may initially be a state charge can be elevated to a federal charge when aggravating factors are present.  

Law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges take federal crimes very seriously. That is why federal crimes tend to carry longer prison sentences, heavier fines, and harsher penalties overall. Do not risk your future by underestimating the serious nature of the charges. Contact a federal criminal defense attorney right away to start working on your defense.  

Federal Crimes and Sentencing Guidelines

Federal judges in the U.S. are required to consider federal sentencing guidelines when imposing sentences. The guidelines are designed to take into consideration various factors, including but not limited to the seriousness of the alleged offense and the defendant’s prior convictions, if any. Unfortunately, these guidelines have a reputation for being unduly harsh.  

The outcome of your case depends greatly on the quality of legal representation you receive from the very early stages of your case. At Eisenhauer Law, we have had unparalleled success in helping our clients achieve more favorable sentencing outcomes. Our attorney can review the facts of your case, identify weaknesses and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case, and present a vigorous and effective defense on your behalf.  

The Federal Crime Process

Federal prosecution is different from prosecution of crimes at a state level because federal criminal laws are designed to deal with more serious crimes. Federal prosecutors tend to have sufficient resources at their disposal to build a strong case against the defendant and secure a conviction, not to mention that federal law enforcement agencies are typically well-funded and extremely thorough in investigating criminal offenses. In addition, most federal offenses carry much harsher penalties than the corresponding offenses under state law.  

Depending on the nature of the crime and the facts of the case, an investigation by federal law enforcement agencies can take several months – if not years – before formal charges are filed. For this reason, early intervention by a skilled criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, can work to the investigated person’s advantage and lead to more favorable outcomes.  

It is our goal here – at Eisenhauer Law – to provide you with clarity and reliable guidance during this stressful and confusing time. Our attorney will explore every available avenue of defense and help you navigate through all stages of the federal crime process, from arrest or investigation to sentencing or appeals if necessary.  

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If you have been charged with a federal crime, your freedom and future could be at stake. At Eisenhauer Law, we understand the incredible amount of stress that a federal case can trigger. However, remember: you are innocent until proven guilty. Our federal criminal defense attorney in St. Louis, Missouri, is dedicated to helping his clients develop and maintain a strong defense. We are ready to stand by you and protect your rights.